Never mind 3D printing… How about 3-B!

New technologies come with updates to the process in which we make things.  The advent of 3D printing has opened up a wide new frontier in prototyping and personal fabrication, not to mention a whole gamut of intellectual property infringement issues.  Printers and the software that run them, are becoming increasingly affordable and accessible and thus the making of physical things, originals or copies, are within easy reach.  So how does a designer stay on the cutting edge when new technologies become so readily available?  The answer… REMIX!

A few great examples are taking the concepts of 3D printing and putting our buggy insect friends to the task.  MIT has created the Silk Pavilion which employs 6,500 silk worms to do the work of fleshing out a polygonal substructure.  And in a more commercial application Dewars utilizes 80,000 honey bees to create the forms of a Dewars bottle and the bust of a male.  Take a look at the videos!