Like the pixels of a computer screen joining in concert to produce a single image, Philip Joseph of pixelatedworld brings the various aspects of a project together in order to form a holistic message that opens and maintains an engaging dialog with your audience.

Pixelatedworld was formed out of the need for multidimensional solutions to the complex communication terrain of today. With a wide range of creative and logistical talents, Philip Joseph drives creative efforts forward as a solo designer and creative story teller for hire, both freelance and full time, or, as client needs grow, at the helm of a team custom tailored for a project. Philip is also available to join existing teams or agencies and ads a strong dynamic to any creative group. This open approach has enabled Philip Joseph to remain flexible and responsive to diverse client and agency needs while weaving a rich tapestry of design experience spanning many different disciplines, industries and locals.

Since officially moving to New York City in 2002 PJ has honed his skills as a visual communicator in many ways. Aside from his array of technical abilities as a designer, photographer, video editor, music composer / producer and interactive technologist, Philip has been able to immerse himself in new industries, learn quickly, work within teams and lead the way with creative break throughs. He continues to be held in high regard by his clients and piers as someone that brings it all together with a stroke of style and class. Throughout his career as a creative he has enabled companies large and small to become strong contenders and prominent figures in their respective industries by way of intelligent design strategies.

Philip Joseph in any configuration or capacity will help your agency or company achieve more. Don’t be shy, give a call or drop an email about your project requirements.

Philip Joseph is a visionary in design and taste. A large part of my company’s explosive growth I owe to all the help I received from Philip & pixelatedworld
– Cheni Yerushalmi, Managing Partner, Sunshine Realty Management (Sunshine Suites)

Creative Services Include: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design, Creative Storytelling, Photography, Illustration, Product Packaging, Installation Graphics, Retail Experience Planing, Video Production & Editing, Consulting, Web Design, Copy, Communications, Business Consulting & Logistics.